How do I sign up for my first class?

There are three easy options. Option 1) Visit our SCHEDULE link above and select the class you would like to attend. You will be directed to a window to create your account with us through MINDBODY. Once you create your account, you will be able to purchase class passes or a membership. After creating your account and submitting your payment, you can then pre-register for any of our classes. Option 2) Arrive 15 minutes before class starts so we can process your payment and provide you with our waiver. Option 3) Register through the MINDBODY app.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing with some stretch to it. And fitted clothing often works best. No shoes or socks necessary — we practice yoga in bare feet. Please avoid strong perfumes, scented lotions, essential oils or smoking right before class. The scents may be distracting and affect others who have allergies.

What should I bring?

We recommend bringing a water bottle and yoga mat. But don't worry if you don't have a mat quite yet. You can borrow one from us — just clean it after use with the mat cleaner provided. We have blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters, too. If you are taking a more vigorous class, you may wish to bring a towel.

Where should I park?

There is street parking and a public parking lot behind Ben's Brewing Co. across the street. After 5 pm and on weekends you may also park in the bank parking lot behind the studio and enter the studio through the black back door.

Is it OK if I come to class late or leave early?

Yoga is about being mindful and we hope you'll mindfully arrive early enough to check in at the front desk, remove your shoes and coat, turn off your phone and set up your mat. SSY does not have a full time receptionist or a traditional lobby. We will lock the front door five minutes after class starts for the safety of everyone's belongings and to avoid interruptions. We understand life happens, though. If you need to come in late, please enter through the back door. And we really hope that you'll stay for the entire class — the relaxation portion at the end of each yoga class is the most important part! But if you need to leave early, please let your instructor know beforehand. 

Do I need to preregister for class?

Pre-registering for class through our website or through the MINDBODY app will speed up your check in process and guarantee your spot in class, but pre-registration is not required to attend a regularly scheduled class. However, pre-registration is necessary for our workshops.

What is the basic studio etiquette?

  • Arrive about 10 minutes before class starts to allow time to settle in.
  • Check in at the front desk.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the class area.
  • Turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode. Please unplug, allow yourself to be present and experience the benefits of class.
  • If joining a class late, please be as quiet and mindful as possible so as not to disturb the class. The front door will be locked approximately 5 minutes after most classes begin. However, you will still be able to enter class through the back door.
  • Avoid strong fragrances when coming to class.
  • If you borrow a yoga mat, please clean and return it.
  • Return and nicely organize any props you borrow.
  • Please stay for the entire class — final relaxation is so important. But if you need to leave early please let your instructor know in advance and leave before relaxation begins at the end of class.

Do you have hot yoga?

No. Due to the way our studio is set up (high ceilings and a wide open space) and the limitations of our lease, we are unable to offer hot yoga. We do, however, offer various vigorous classes that will make you sweat by heating your body from the inside out.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our software has updated recently and charges for late cancellations will now be automatic.

We understand that life happens. Should you need to cancel a class you have pre-registered for, please cancel in MindBody or call or text the studio at 605-660-0067 at least one hour in advance.

If you do not cancel before the 60 minute window or do not show for a class you have pre-registered for, you will still be charged (i.e. a class will be subtracted from your class pass package).

If you do not show for a class you have pre-registered for, you will also receive an automatic email letting you know you missed class. If you ever receive this email in error, please do let us know.

There is no late cancellation/no show fee for unlimited membership holders, but please early cancel if you do not plan to attend a class you have pre-registered for. This will help us plan our classes to be their very best and allow space for everyone who wants to attend.

I still have questions ...

Feel free to reach out to studio owner Rebecca Johnson by using our contact form, emailing or calling 605-660-0067.