Fit Flow Vinyasa Yoga — A challenging class that combines strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Class begins with setting an intention and slow movement to warm and stretch the body. The practice then intensifies and lights the internal fire with core work and fast-paced asanas linked by breath — a total body workout sure to make you sweat.

Gentle Yoga — For students looking for a more gentle experience, are new to yoga or just want the opportunity to slow down and relax. Incorporates breath and movement, easier and modified postures, body awareness, gentle stretching, strengthening, and relaxation.

Power Yoga — A vinyasa or flow based class that mindfully moves the entire body with strong attention to alignment. Sun salutations are the building block of this strength building class. Be prepared to generate heat from the inside out. 

Slow Flow Yoga — An all-level class with mindful transitions through poses meant to release stress and build body-mind-spirit awareness. An exploratory warm-up is followed by flowing poses, and poses held for longer periods that cover the entire body and focus on the breath to create a supple and toned body. This class is slow and smooth but always challenging. Ends with 10 to 15 minutes of guided relaxation.

Slow Flow Yoga Express — Designed for a lunch break or for those who want to be in and out in under an hour.